Werner Janse van Rensburg

CHPC: An Untapped Opportunity for Humanities and Social Sciences?



24 August 2023




South African infrastructure for digital/computational research


The Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) represents a key computing research infrastructure offering for all research domain areas, including Humanities.  In the talk a brief overview will be provided on how the CHPC is successfully supporting and depended on by mostly scientific and engineering research areas.  The goal is to use this background to evaluate and discuss the potential role the CHPC can play to support the computing and data processing needs of Digital Humanities research programmes.


Dr Werner Janse van Rensburg is the Research Manager at the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) responsible for supporting all users needing and making use of the high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure on offer. He furthermore coordinates the training and human capital development programmes at the CHPC, as well as the advanced computing engineering activities and focus of the centre. Werner has a background in computational chemistry with >20 years experience as an HPC user, which includes 13 years as an active researcher in the private sector.