Increasing community access to library resources

A brief introduction to ESCALATOR - April2022

A short flyer with more information about the ESCALATOR programme, our flagship activities, and ways to connect to the community. Please download the [full PDF](escalator-overview.pdf).

How to join the ESCALATOR community?

An infographic showing various ways to get involved in the ESCALATOR community and project.

Who should join the ESCALATOR community?

An infographic showing information about who belongs in the community. If you're not listed here and think you can contribute to, or benefit from the community, please get in touch. We will update the infographic based on your feedback.

New ways to connect with the community!

Have you always wondered how to link up with researchers working in Digital Humanities or Computational Social Sciences in South Africa? In this post we introduce two new channels where you can meet peers for conversation and collaboration and learn about opportunities and resources...