Women in Digital and Computational Spaces: Meet Tsholofelo Nkosi

Today our spotlight shines on Tsholofelo Nkosi. Tsholofelo is a software engineer at the MTN Group and a member of Women in Tech South Africa.

In short

📽️ What is your all time favourite movie and what makes it so special?

SET IT OFF , the caliber of actors coming together make it believable and incredibly special.

🎞️ SET IT OFF Trailer

📚 Can you describe your background and your current role?

What line of work are you in?

I am a Software Engineer Intern at MTN

Give a short summary of what you do in this role

I work with a team that builds real-world projects,contributing to software development and applications such as MyMTN app. This includes coding,debugging,analytics,testing and business analysis.

What did you study?

I studied Information Technology (Systems Development)

How did you get involved in the tech space?

I heard about an incredible software engineering academy called WeThinkCode _. I applied, went through the boot camp, and was successfully accepted into the programming. That is how my tech journey started.

What software do you use on a daily basis in your job?

I use a variety of software; however, our base software is React Native and Typescript.

How did you learn to use these tools?

Through WeThinkCode _ ,SheCodes and many other available online resources.

Which tool has the biggest impact on your ability to succeed at work?

This is a tough question, because in development you get exposed to many different tools. However for the most part I use React Native, Typescript and Figma.

Do you think women are well represented in your line of work?

Tech is slowly gaining diversity in South Africa; however, the ratio of women in the space is still significantly low.

🌱 Tell us more about your community of practice

Describe the purpose of this community from your point of view.

Women in Tech South Africa officially launched in April 2020, with the dual mission: To help close the gender gap in technology and to help more women and girls embrace STEM fields when choosing a field of study or career path.

How did you get involved?

I was nominated for the Aspiring Teen Award, I then later joined as a youth member.

Why do you find it useful to be a part of this community?

The organization connects students, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate and professional women, mentors, to create an ecosystem to achieve a common goal of empowerment, upliftment, education, career development, whilst creating a supportive global community within Tech!

Is your community accessible and welcoming to women? If so, how?

Yes, Of Course! It was established by women for women.

How can other people become a part of this community?

They can join the chapter by registering on this link: https://wit-h.com/topics/21762/feed

What other communities of practice are you a part of?

WomenThinkCode _ , Promise and Prosper Youth Development Programme and True Love Movement.

💡 What advice do you have for women in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) eager to grow their computational skills?

Pick up one core tech language, learn the fundamentals, everything else will fall into place and also don’t be discouraged by how people say it’s difficult. You can certainly do anything you put your mind into.