South African DH & CSS Stakeholder Map Project Data and Visualisation

The stakeholder map project aims to collect and share data on Digital Humanities (DH), Computational Social Sciences (CSS) and related activities and initiatives in South Africa. The map includes data on projects, people, publications, datasets, training courses, learning materials, tools, archives, and unclassified records.

For more information on the Stakeholder Map Project, please visit the webpage.

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Map and tabular data Social network

The data is available via two different web apps. The Shiny app allows one to navigate through the data via an interactive map, showing the location of projects, people, and training. It also facilitates access to the raw data in tabular format that is searchable and sortable. Kumu offers insights into the connection between elements in the database via a social network graph.

Interactive data access and visualisation via Shiny

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Network visualisation via Kumu

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