Connecting with the DH & CSS Community

ESCALATOR is a programme that aims to bring together researchers, students, professional academic staff, librarians, IT, archivists, and others together around the shared interest in digital and computational aspects of humanities and social sciences research. The focus is specifically to help grow a community of practice in South Africa, but we also help to connect our community to regional and global initiatives.

Twitter for sharing

Connect with us on Twitter to stay informed of activities in the community or share your successess, lessons learned, opportunities, challenges, and events and we can re-share with others.

Slack for connecting

Slack is a digital platform that’s gaining popularity in research communities to enable connection, collaboration, sharing, and learning. We run weekly onboarding sessions to help newcomers find their feet in our workspace. Please sign up for an onboarding session if you need help with the platform or if you have any questions about the community.

Mailing lists for staying up to date

We use TopicBox for our mailing lists. This offers community members an easy way to manage notifications, view messages online or in your inbox, and manage subscriptions.

  • escalator-announce: A low-volume mailing list where the programme team will post announcements about upcoming events, new resources, opportunities, etc related to the community.

  • discuss: An open mailing list where community members can ask questions, share resources, discuss ideas.

Code of conduct

By signing up to any of our communication platforms, you agree to abide to our Community Code of Conduct.