About our working groups

To ensure the community have an opportunity to provide direct input and co-design the programme, working groups will be established that are directly linked to programme deliverables. Initially these working groups will focus on:

Working group: Digital Champions Initiative - EMPOWER Track

The working group focuses on the development and implementation of the second iteration of the EMPOWER track that forms part of the Digital Humanities/Computational Social Sciences Champions initiative. The working group was established in February 2022 through an invitation to all previous participants of the EMPOWER track as well as the larger community via Slack and Mailchimp.

Working group: Monitoring & Evaluation

The working group will be responsible for tracking and measuring the impact of activities and resources developed by ESCALATOR. We will use best practices related to monitoring and evaluation including:

Working group: Stakeholder Map

One of the cornerstone activities of ESCALATOR is the DH & CSS Stakeholder Map developed to gain a better understanding of the role players and resources in the field of digital humanities and computational social sciences in South Africa.